Project Information

The project is located on the border between Lake and Porter Counties, approximately 1.75 miles east of downtown Hobart.

The purpose of the project is to improve the pavement conditions on County Line Road between US 6 (Ridge Road) and Cleveland Avenue (W. CR 700 North) and to increase stormwater drainage capacity in order to reduce flooding and areas of standing water along the corridor.

Existing County Line Road is a two-lane, undivided north-south Minor Arterial. There is one variable 11 to 12-foot wide travel lane in each direction. There are variable 1 to 2-foot wide shoulders throughout the project area, changing between paved and gravel.

Proposed improvements include reconstruction of County Line Road including full depth asphalt pavement to address the poor pavement condition and construction of curb and gutter and enclosed storm sewer system to improve drainage.


County Line Road from Cleveland Avenue to Coral Drive

  • One lane of travel in each direction (11-foot lanes)
  • Added turn lanes on County Line Road at Cleveland Avenue (11-foot lane)
  • 4 -way stop at Cleveland Avenue
  • Added northbound left turn lane (11-foot lane)
  • 6-foot concrete sidewalk on west side
  • Lighting along sidewalk



County Line Road from Coral Drive to US HWY 6

  • One lane of travel in each direction (11-foot lanes)
  • Two-way-left-turn lane (14-foot lane)
  • 8-foot sidewalk with 4-foot buffer on west side
  • Lighting along sidewalk



Storm Sewer Improvements

  • Enclosed sewer
  • 2 culvert replacements

Prairie Duneland/Oak Savannah Trail Crossing

  • Refuge island
  • ADA compliant curb ramps
  • Pavement Markings and signs
  • Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB)

Addition of the left turn lane along County Line Road is to provide safe refuge for residential traffic making left turns into driveways and residential streets.  This lane will also be available for use for Special Event Traffic Management for the County Line Orchard during peak season.