Project History

County Line Road serves as a border between Lake County to the west and Porter County to the east. Within the northern portion, the area has a mix of relatively dense residential units, some undeveloped agricultural land, and the seasonal tourist attraction County Line Orchard.  The remaining area consists of agricultural land, residential properties, and forested areas. County Line Road provides a north-south connection to three major arterials, US Hwy 6 and SR 130, and US Hwy 30 and is also bisected by County Road 700 North/Cleveland Avenue and 10th Street, both urban collectors. The corridor is in need of improvements to address poor pavement conditions and drainage deficiencies in order  to improve roadway safety and geometry for those traveling along County Line Road to the County Line Orchard and the adjacent residences, businesses, religious institutions, and future developments along County Line Road. 

2013 The City of Hobart submitted a Roadway Preservation Application: STP Group 1 to acquire funds to improve County Line Road from US Hwy 6 to Cleveland Avenue.  The City was successful in securing $6,877,000 toward the construction cost of County Line Road and $200,00 toward Right-of-Way costs.

The City of Hobart initiated a Corridor Assessment Study for County Line Road from US 6 to SR 130.  The Assessment Study was broken into two sections as follows:

Section 1: County Line Road from US Hwy 6 to SR 130 (1.73 mile)

Section 2:  County Line Road from SR 130 to Old Lincoln Highway (3.4 miles)

Section 1 was studied in sufficient detail to develop scope for development of improvement plans.  Section 2 was studied in sufficient detail to aid in the planning for future improvement efforts, including improving the connection to US Hwy 30.  Section 1 included:

  • Traffic Assessment
  • Preliminary Environmental Assessment
  • Roadway Assessment
  • Stormwater Assessment
  • Utility Assessment
  • Geotechnical Investigation

2017 – The City of Hobart began Plan Development and Environmental Documentation following the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for County Line Road from US Hwy 6 to Cleveland Avenue.