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Construction Phasing

Project Phasing Plan


Work will begin on Center Street with one block being constructed at a time starting with Center Street from 2nd Street to 3th Street.  Next, the intersection of Center Street and 3rd Street will be reconstructed followed by Center Street from 3rd Street to 4th Street.  Each block will be closed during construction. Additionally, roadway and infrastructure work on 3rd Street, west of Lake George will be completed.  This section of 3rd Street will be partially constructed under traffic with a short road closure.   The work on Center Street and this section of 3rd Street, with the exception of final landscape items, is expected to be complete by December 2017.

During the winter months work is anticipated to be completed on Gateways at Lake George and Duck Creek.



Beginning in April 2018, the remaining sections of the project are anticipated to be constructed.   Construction on 3rd Street will be done a block at a time starting with the section from Duck Creek to East Street followed by the section from East Street to Center Street then Center Street to Main Street and last, Main Street to Lake George.  Each section will be closed during construction and detours will be in place.    It is anticipated that work will be completed by October 10, 2018.


[important]During all phases of construction ingress and egress will be maintained to all residential and commercial driveways and access to business will be maintained.[/important]

[important]As with any project, challenges may arise that cause us to deviate from this schedule. We will do our very best to update the schedule and phasing should any changes occur.[/important]