Project Information

The 3rd Street Bridge project was determined to be a high priority in the efforts to mitigate flooding when a recent study deemed it to be the 2nd most restrictive bridge in the 16 miles of the Deep River system. The study showed how improvements to the bridge could reduce flood waters by approximately 2 ft. under conditions similar to the flood in 2008 that washed out the 3rd Street Bridge approaches.


Recognizing the opportunity the City’s leadership and design team of Butler, Fairman, & Seufert, Inc. capitalized on the bridge replacement to include other adjacent improvements and an aesthetic paying tribute to the history of the City of Hobart and Indiana. All told the project will replace the existing structure with multiple precast concrete culverts that in total will nearly double the span of the bridge while increasing the clearance by nearly 5 feet, allowing boaters improved access to the lake. Also included in the project is an expansion to Lake Front Park and improvements to lighting and pedestrian safety. Overall the project will include several architectural elements such as brick facades with limestone accents and ornamental railing tying the new bridge in to the Streetscape Project currently underway. Overhead power lines will be removed from this segment of 3rd Street to further enhance the beauty of the City’s downtown.


The 3rd Street Bridge project completed the gap between the 3rd Street Streetscape and the Lake George Gateway soon to be located at the 3rd Street Parkway. Overall the project will include:

  • Total Reconstruction of the 3rd Street Bridge
  • Brick and Limeston Bridge façade with ornamental fencing
  • Bridge accent lighting
  • Ornamental street lighting
  • Pavement Reconstruction
  • Curb and Gutter
  • Stormwater Improvemets
  • Sidewalk replacements on both sides of 3rd Street
  • Watermain Replacement
  • Overhead utility line relocations
  • Lakefront Park Extension
  • Pedestrian walking trail and amenities


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